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Ready for a chat with someone on your homeschool support team?  Find the type of appointment you need from the list below and follow the link to the online telephone appointment scheduler.  Or, call the office at 209-863-8400 and ask the receptionist to schedule an appointment for you.



    • Annual Course of Study Appointment (annual 60- to 90-minute telephone appointment)
      Have you received your Academic Packet in the mail and are ready to discuss the assessment evaluation and next year's academic plan?  This appointment is with your family's academic advisor.

    • Monthly Advisor Support (30-minute telephone appointment)
      Do you have questions that are too big or too many for e-mail?  Support appointments with your advisor are available once a month and we always appreciate the opportunity to touch-base with you!  This appointment is with your family's academic advisor.


    • High School Progress Check (30-minute telephone appointment)
      How are your student's high school studies progressing?  Are you or your teen brimming with questions about the study guide directions or online quizzes?  Schedule a monthly progress check appointment with your high school advisor.  High school students are welcome to join their teaching-parents on the phone with high school advisor or teaching-parents may answer the telephone call and hand it over to the high school student.

    • High School Seminars (each seminar is available twice a month)
      Join the discussions about High School Orientation topics and assignments in U.S. Studies, Greek Studies, Roman Studies, and European Studies.  Open to teaching-parents and high school students that are presently studying STAA's high school courses.  


    • Semester Reporting Seminar (seminars available every other week)
      Have you received your work sample labels and semester report form packet and are ready to discuss how to report your students' progress in order to develop report cards and transcripts? 

    • Semester Reporting/Student Records Questions (15-minute telephone appointment)
      Do you have questions about a few items you are preparing to send in the semester reporting packet?  Or do you have questions about your students' transcripts?  This appointment is with the registrar. 



Online Appointment Scheduling Program

St. Thomas Aquinas Academy uses the online appointment system called Acuity to schedule appointments and sync the office and advisor calendars.



Still have questions?

We'd love to hear from you!