Typical course of study for Grade 8.  Appropriate for Grades 7 - 8.

The following lists our core recommendations for students in Grade 8. You will not be buying every book or only the books listed. Students have a wide variety of abilities and aptitudes; schooling — especially homeschooling — needs to be adapted to different children in different ways. Your advisor will work with you to (a) match each child’s strengths and weaknesses to specific materials; (b) combine your students in texts and subjects as often as possible; (c) choose a religion, history and science focus for the family for the year; and (d) weave materials you may already have or would prefer to use into your family’s course plan.


Religion 8 [REL-288]


World History [SOC-365]


World Literature [LIT-069]

  • Landscape With Dragons, A : The Battle for Your Child’s Mind, Michael O’Brien
  • Paideia Program, Mortimer J. Adler
  • Let the Authors Speak : Guide to Worthy Books, Carolyn Hatcher
  • Literature paired with Christ the King: Lord of History, Anne Carroll


Art Practice [FA -333]

  • Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station, Mark Kistler


Zoology [LSC-623]

  • Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day, Jeannie K. Fulbright
  • Exploring Creation with Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day, Jeannie K. Fulbright
  • Exploring Creation with Zoology 3: Land Creatures


Creative Wrt III [ENG-392]

  • WriteShop Teacher’s Manual (for WriteShop I and II), Kim Kautzer and Debra Oldar
  • WriteShop II Student Workbook, Kim Kautzer and Debra Oldar
  • WriteShop I : Copying and Dictation Exercises for WriteShop I, Kim Kautzer and Debra Oldar

Intrmed Gram II [ENG-083]

  • Easy Grammar Plus, Teacher Edition, Wanda C. Phillips
  • Easy Grammar Plus, Student Workbook, Wanda C. Phillips

Penmanship G [ENG-568]

  • Handwriting 6 for Young Catholics, Seton Staff

Spelling 8 [ENG-697]

  • Spelling 8 for Young Catholics 


Latin [LAN-373]

  • Latina Christiana II set: Student Book, Teacher ManualPronunciation CD, Cheryl Lowe
  • (Or Second Form Latin from Memoria Press) 


Pre-Algebra [MAT-164]

  • Saxon Algebra 1/2 : Homeschool Kit, John H. And Jr. Saxon


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