Excerpt from the 2014-15 High School Orientation booklet:

St. Thomas Aquinas Academy is a homeschool program for Catholic families that wish to embrace the classical approach – in method and content – to learn to learn and reason.  The program focuses on formation, not just information, and the expectations of the courses and diploma program are based on coming to know more about Our Lord and His Church, how to lead a thoughtful and virtuous life, understanding the information that universities want students to be proficient in before attending, how to think critically about all that we are exposed to while living in the world but keeping our eyes on heaven, and developing a variety of practical study and learning tools so excelling in academic, vocational, and professional endeavors is very possible.

The expectations of the courses and diploma program typically meets and exceeds state requirements and university admissions policies.  However, we encourage you to read through the St. Thomas Aquinas Academy definitions, requirements, and expectations in this booklet and then check to see if your state and the university program you wish to apply to have additional requirements.  For instance, if your state requires that students complete a semester of state history in addition to a year of U.S. History, be sure to forward a copy of that requirement to your academic advisor so room can be made to add that extra study into one of your high school semesters.  Or, if you plan on studying engineering or medicine in college, forward a copy of the homeschool student admissions policy from your university of choice to your academic advisor so your overall high school plan can be crafted to incorporate the advanced math and extra science you will need to show as a strong applicant to that university.

Students that are not pursuing a diploma from St. Thomas Aquinas Academy are especially encouraged to get in contact with Home School Legal Defense Association at  HSLDA will direct parents to resources about how to develop a diploma program for you and your siblings.



This is a program intended to cumulate in issuing a high school student a certificate and transcript from St. Thomas Aquinas Academy attesting to the fact that the student completed the course of study prescribed by the academy and has met or exceeded the academic expectations of the academy.  Teaching-parents certify that the academic expectations have been met by submitting neat-and-complete semester reporting packets and copies of two standardized test results.  St. Thomas Aquinas Academy reviews the semester reporting packets, awards credits based on the values, enters the grades and credits data on a transcript that tracks subject/credit completion.  Additionally, STAA academic advisors evaluate the annual placement assessments and the two standardized test results to verify that the student can demonstrate reasonable scholastic achievement in standardized, out-of-context situations.  Students enrolled in St. Thomas Aquinas Academy are not obligated to pursue a diploma from the program.  Please contact Home School Legal Defense Association or a GED testing service to learn about alternatives to the St. Thomas Aquinas Academy diploma and/or transcript.

Full enrollment in St. Thomas Aquinas Academy’s academic advisory, placement, and transcript program is necessary to earn a St. Thomas Aquinas Academy diploma.


Conditions for Earning a Diploma

The official list of conditions to earn a high school diploma from St. Thomas Aquinas Academy can be found on the STAA Diploma Program page.


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