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When my husband and I were finally lead by the Holy Spirit to start homeschooling our children last year, I knew we needed actual curriculum instead of just leaving it up to the Holy Spirit! That is where STAA came in. After researching all the major Catholic curriculum available, we settled on STAA for several reasons. I liked their classical

approach to education. I liked the fact that they had taken out a lot of work that I would have to do by researching individual texts available and choosing the best. What a help that was for someone who did not know the first thing of where to start! The phone/email help available was very appealing, especially for our family that was new to this adventure. But really the best thing for our family was STAA's ability to put our children (grades 6, 4, 2) together in so many subjects (history, art, music appreciation, science) and make it work. After the kids' initial assessments when they were starting out, the STAA counselor discussed in detail with me what was needed for them and how to accomplish it. During the year, I was able to correspond by email any concerns I had and that was just wonderful - knowing I had someone else looking out for our children's education. After our first year with STAA, I would definitely recommend it to any family, especially those families with multiple children being schooled at home. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with STAA as our children thrive in their education with the help of the Holy Spirit through the caring souls at STAA.

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