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We love the programs STAA advises us to use. They bring excitement to learning, especially for the subjects which are not are our greatest ones. The advice given is suitable to our family and our lifestyle; it helps us bond. We appreciate the advice given for it is individually given for our children for certain subjects like religion, reading,

math, and group given for unit studies in history, science, math, music, and geography. This year, my 13th year, I will officially be teaching five children--kindergarten, fourth grade, seventh grade, tenth grade, and twelfth grade. Wow! I have been given the confidence I need. Now I need to pray and teach and let them learn. This past year the two oldest children had difficulty with their algebra. I called in mid term to report our difficulties. Right away I was advised on an easier algebra program to use temporarily. What a difference that program made. No more tears, anger, and avoidance of math! What a relief! As our children tend to learn differently, I appreciate the individualized instructions on how to make learning more exciting or how to change the pace or what to do to make a difference. Our dyslexic child, a tenth grader, learns best by listening. I was always searching for ways, but no longer. I have been guided to many ways of helping him learn as this child is very intelligent and gifted. I would not have seen this if I had continued to do schooling for him in the ways I had been. We have tried a catholic homeschool school for eight years who instructed us to use generalized books by the grade level. This way not good for the dyslexic child or our oldest child. I tried to teach with no guidance for a couple of years. I knew I needed guidance. We have been with STAA for four or five years now. It is the way to go. I knew it in my heart right away. I look forward to our yearly interview and to the monthly newsletters that encourage and educate me. Homeschooling is a sacrifice and I want to do what is best for our children. I want them to love to learn and learn how to find the answers. I want them to use these skills in the adulthood. I highly suggest STAA to anyone who homeschools. It is the way to go for us. Thank you STAA!

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