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We contacted STAA because a friend of ours was using the program and when we decided to bring our 3rd grader home after 1 month of our parish school we were scared! I was comfortable with doing my son's Kindergarten, but I wasn't sure where my daughter was in terms of grade levels/ability. The assessment testing

was quick and easy to do, so I didn't expect much valuable feedback. Boy, was I wrong!!! It was like my advisor had met my kids and spent hours/days with them. She was able to clearly identify problems I had only begun to suspect, and show me strengths she had that I had not fully appreciated. The books she suggested were ones I didn't even know existed! My kids were plodding along with curricula I had gathered for them while I waited for the test results, but once the new materials arrived things began to move so much more smoothly. The especially loved the Math U See DVDs and the Catholic Heritage Curriculum spellers and grammar books. Our advisor was able to reassure us that we were spending enough time in school for the 3rd grader and see that we were pushing the K son too much. This year we have prepared for school with such peace - we know that our plans and program choices are time-tested and that if we have problems STAA will help us solve them quickly and efficiently. Our book costs are less this year too!!!!! STAA has been a real blessing to me as a mom, too, because they have constantly reminded me that the Lord and Our Lady are eager to help and guide us on this journey if I will only let them. I can never be reminded of that too often!!! :) Bless you all on your journey!

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