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This is my second year with STAA, and the experience has been wonderful for our family. They helped me assess my children (ages 11 and 8), and helped me identify the reason for my son's reading problems so we could seek the right therapy for him. They recommended materials to teach with that were appropriate for my children, and

also let me use other materials at my discretion. When there was one recommendation that I didn't like (great program, but not for my teaching style), my teacher-advisor offered other suggestions, and we found an alternative that suits me better. Their unit-studies-like approach to history, science, and literature also allows me to teach these subjects to both of my children at the same time despite their 3.5 year age difference. I don't work nearly as hard as I did when I was planning my own curriculum, I am comfortable that my children are receiving a well rounded education, and there is no pressure to pass tests or meet deadlines. Preparing portfolios and grades for report cards is pretty simple too. STAA offers wonderful support, and still leaves me feeling like I'm the one in charge of my children's education. I highly recommend STAA.

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