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This will be my daughter's third year with STAA. She is now a ninth grader, and we have been homeschooling her for nearly seven years. Before using STAA, we were on our own, selecting curriculum, scheduling, etc. That worked well at the time, but as she approached the middle school years, I felt as if I wanted guidance and

someone else's input. STAA has worked so well for us. I have been so pleased with their suggestions and help. We had always used Saxon Math, and were successful with it. So STAA recommended that we continue with it as long as it was effective. It wasn't long before we hit a snag/log jam; and my advisor had great suggestions, helped us get through a struggling time with Math, and eventually recommended Math-U-See Algebra 1. That has been a really positive change for us, and once again, my daughter is doing excellent with her math. I have especially liked the curriculum recommendations for writing (Wordsmith) that were given us. I was at a loss as to how to go about writing, even though my daughter is an excellent writer. I didn't know how to draw out her creativity, and had tried several programs. STAA just seemed to "know" my daughter, so when we followed their advice, teaching writing was no longer a struggle for us. My daughter and I also appreciate the freedom we have to disagree with their curriculum suggestions, or use something else that works for us. STAA has been understanding of difficult transitions in our lives, flexible and supportive. I plan to use their expertise throughout my daughter's high school education.

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