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Our family has been using St. Thomas Aquinas Academy for 8 years. As the parents of 3 young children we needed a plan with very specific offerings that would accommodate the requirements that both my husband and I felt were desirable in a curriculum provider. When we decided to homeschool we searched for a Catholic classical

curriculum that had a hands-on component to it, had some degree of flexibility with respect to curriculum materials, offered advisory services as well as help forming and finding curriculum, was individualized per child, offered report cards and diploma, and could help in defining where to do multiple age level teaching. It was a big order and the fact that it had to be Catholic really narrowed the choices. We have found St. Thomas Aquinas Academy has offered us all of the above and more! Our advisor has always been very helpful, thoughtful, understanding, knowledgeable, well prepared, and spiritual in every conversation that we have had with her when creating a curriculum for each individual child (based on their ability, learning style and interest) as well as for me, the teacher, and all children together (multiple age level teaching). Each year the children take the assessment tests that STAA provides to assess what they have learned over the course of the year. Our advisor then analyzes those assessments, and sends a one-sided sheet of paper that briefly details strengths and weaknesses in each subject area. She then puts together a recommended curriculum outline and we develop, together, a curriculum for each child based on where they are in mastery of subject area, what they want to learn, what we want them to learn, and what we can combine, into perhaps a unit study, to teach them together. The phone call takes about a half hour per child. By the time we are done, I have a curriculum plan for each child, lesson plans, forms for any record keeping that needs to be done (quarterly reports, course of study, etc.), where to buy books at the best price, an outline of how to teach each subject and how often to teach it, and a very good understanding of what my children have mastered and what my goals are for the year. Of course, with a mom like me, staying on track can be the difficult part with all of the wonderful opportunities that are available to homeschooled children today, but using quarterly reporting keeps me focused on where we need to be. The St. Thomas Aquinas Academy curriculum has been an education for all of us. The children have not only grown in their understanding, but I also have learned a great deal. Spiritually our family has grown in ways that I never would have imagined! I highly recommend St. Thomas Aquinas Academy to anyone who can relate to this experience, as it will be a journey well worth it. Thank you so much to all at St. Thomas Aquinas Academy.

Your sisters and brothers in Christ, 

Christine from New Hampshire

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